Sunday, September 7, 2008

We've Got Chickens!

They are finally here! We got four chickens from the great folks at Anoka Farm and Feed, two Barred Rock hens.

Two red Sexlinks (the one below was named Bernie Mac by daughter Alice, and the name has stuck) and two silver laced Wyandottes, whose photos will come later.

And best of all, they came home to a beautiful coop made for me for my birthday by my amazing husband. I wanted a little replica of our garage, since the coop would be positioned against the center of our garage. He did a great job:

The four chickens are about four months old, so won't lay eggs for another couple of months, but we plan to have them laying all winter, so stay tuned for the first egg.


Braden said...

Can I come visit them some time? For an omelet maybe? I like eggs. I am also still in awe of the amazing coop, it blows my mind. Did they figure out how to get up the ramp yet? Hope so, or it could be a long winter!

Nona said...

I butchered chickens at my uncle romies several times and once got sprayed with blood and the dog got riled up from all the blood and bit my younger brother in the ass and it made me so happy because i was so jeolous of my younger brother and had waited for ten years for someone to bite him in the ass and so i am forever grateful to chickens.

and i'm happy you got your chickens krissy! love nona

Troy said...

I don't know which I like better, the chickens or Nona's story about her brother getting bitten in the ass. Love the mini-me chicken coop. John will be thrilled that you have chickens. He loves petting zoos.