Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nemo, South Dakota

Since it started snowing here in Minnesota, we've been putting the final touches on our annual slide show set to music of the week we spend every August camped just outside of Nemo, South Dakota smack dab in the middle of the Black Hills National Forest, with our horses, riding the amazing trails in that beautiful country. Putting all those pictures to music for the friends who ride with us has brought back some great memories, thought I'd share a few here.

This is me sharing the love with my guy Scout. Didn't know if it would work out at the beginning of our relationship eight years ago, but he has become a great friend and trusted trail companion, going over every bridge, through every river or creek, and all the other things you want a good trail horse to do, and he does it all with an open mind and a willing heart.

Scout and me make our way down into a canyon on the Centennial Trail north of Nemo. The Centennial Trail runs over 100 miles through South Dakota's Black Hills, and the section that we ride, between Sturgis and Nemo, is especially rugged, only suitable for horses, and some of the most spectacular wilderness and scenery around.

My friend Nan and I stop for a picture. We've been to Nemo together for the last five years, had some great rides and campfire sing-alongs and nightcaps by the trailer door. It's fun to reminisce, and think about next year, as the snow blows around outside and I trade my trail riding in for cross country skiing for a few months.